Single Sign-On (SSO) Instructions

All current users must log in to SSO before using Piedmont sites and services.

Logging in for the First Time

Part I - Logging In

1.) Go to

2.) Left-click the Sign in button.

3.) In the Microsoft Sign in prompt, type in your full Piedmont email address

The staff member Jane Doe, would type
The student John Smith, would type

4.) Left-click the Next button.

If prompted, choose Work or school account

5.) In the Enter password prompt, type in your default or initial password

If the last four digits of your SSN are 1234, your password is 1234Piedmont. Please be sure to capitalize the 'P' in Piedmont.

6.) Left-click the Sign In button.

Part II - Setting Up Your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Option

5.) At the More information required prompt, left-click the Next button.

6.) Choose Use Microsoft Authenticator, or I want to use a different authenticator app, or I want to set up a different method for your multifactor authentication option

7.) Follow the prompts to set up your MFA option. You must complete this step for your account to work with all Piedmont sites and services properly.

Part III - Changing Your Password

8.) At the Update your password prompt, type your initial password in the Current password field. Please be sure to capitalize the 'P' in Piedmont.

9.) Enter a new password in the New password field.

10.) Re-enter your new password in the Confirm new password field.

11.) Left-click the Sign In button.

Upon successful completion, you should see a message that says Your password has been successfully changed.

Your new password will be the password for Piedmont websites and services. All new users (Faculty, Staff & Students) must log in to SSO before using other Piedmont services.

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Need More Help?

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