Piedmont Email

Email is an official communications channel of Piedmont University and is a principal medium through which it conducts its business.

All members of the Piedmont University community are expected to monitor their Piedmont University email regularly and to deal with business in a timely manner. Failures to activate and monitor one's Piedmont University email account does not exempt one from responsibility to act upon university-related matters.

All new students, faculty, and staff, including adjunct faculty and part-time staff, are expected to activate their Piedmont University email accounts and to begin monitoring their email during their first week of enrollment or employment.

If you haven't changed your password through Self-Service yet, please return to the Getting Started page.

Logging in to Your Email

1.) Click here to open the Office 365 login page in a new window. You can also get to this page by going to http://mail.office365.com.

2.) Type your full email address in the username field.

3.) In the password field, type the password you created in Self-Service.

4.) Left-click the Sign in button.

If this is your first time logging in, it may ask you for some regional information like your current time-zone.

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Need More Help?

Faculty & Staff: if you have any trouble, please submit a ticket using the Help Desk.

Students: if you have any trouble, please contact us for assistance.

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